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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Contender for the world's worst error message: Connection to CRS failed

I've just spent the afternoon chasing down this error message, trying to connect a Linux cell console client to query a Windows cell manager:

Connection to CRS failed.
To start the Data Protector daemons on the Cell Manager host use the command
omnisv -start on the Cell Manager
or check if the communication between the Cell Manager and client is encrypted with the command
omnicc -encryption -status -all on the Cell Manager.
Everything checked out on the Windows cell manager, and encrypted control was off on all nodes.

I ran strace on omnicc, omnicc -debug 1-200, tcpdump'ed every packet from the Linux system in question (there were none) and tried omnicc -server (a non-existent address that should have been unroutable) which responded instantly.

Oh, and "omnicc -debug 1-200 2> /tmp/somewhere" doesn't put the same data into /tmp/somewhere as you get on stderr when you run "omnicc -debug 1-200" and stderr is a tty.

The root cause of the error message about being unable to connect to the server? The hostname of the Linux client didn't resolve correctly.

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