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Saturday 4 April 2015

Patches for Data Protector 7.03

If you are still on version 7 and haven't yet enjoyed the benefits of the new Data Protector internal database, you might be interested to see the throng of bug fixes that HP has just released.

You also might want to think about your migration plans, as this is now the oldest supported version. You can jump straight to version 9. You will have to get new license keys, but if you have a support contract these are free -- it's just a matter of visiting and organising them. I'd suggest reading my book on migrating and obsoleting cell managers to get some thoughts together about how you might do this.

Greg Baker is one of the world's leading experts on HP Data Protector. His consulting services are at He has written numerous books (see on it, and on other topics. His other interests are startup management, applications of automated image and text analysis and niche software development.

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