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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Data Protector media agent licenses

There are two licensing models:

  • Classic licensing (which is far more common)
  • Capacity-based licensing
If you are using the newer capacity-based licensing, then you can use any HPE Data Protector functionality that you want. If you are using Classic licensing (which is what almost every customer has), then you pay individually for different components.
For example, you pay a license for each tape drive you want to have concurrently writing. When you buy the cell manager license, you get the right to run one tape drive; if you want more you need to buy additional media agent licenses.
Otherwise, you will get error messages like this:
[61:17102] Not enough licenses "Direct attached tape drive for Windows / NetWare / Linux".

Or like this:

[61:17102]  Not enough licenses "Tape drive for SAN / all platforms". Session is waiting for some of devices to get free.

If you are encountering this, you can get a super-quick quote on licensing at this online store.

Greg Baker is an independent consultant who happens to do a lot of work on HP DataProtector. He is the author of the only published books on HP Data Protector ( He works with HP and HP partner companies to solve the hardest big-data problems (especially around backup). See more at IFOST's DataProtector pages at, or visit the online store for Data Protector products, licenses and renewals at 

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