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Thursday 21 April 2016

Data Protector tools now on github

I've written a number of tools that help when administering Data Protector. I did some spring cleaning (in Autumn), found all of them that I could, and put them into a github repository.

Here's the README from it...


Programs to support HPe Data Protector

Performance tools

  • - This program prints out the throughput rate of the specified sessions, or all current sessions if no sessions are specified.
  • - This program prints out a report on DataProtector backup throughput performance for a completed session.

Tools for migrating between cell managers and keeping them in sync

  • - A script to make a two cell managers have the same pools
  • - Generate a script to export/import every client in a cell
  • - This program walks through everything in the media management database and writes MCF files out to the output directory, unless they already exist on the (optionally specified) target server. Then it copies it to target-server-directory (with an extension of .temp, which gets changed to .mcf once it is complete).
  • - watches for files in the watch-directory that end in .mcf. When it sees one, it checks to see if it is already known about in the DataProtector internal database. If it is not already in the database, it is imported.
  • - A script to make a two cell managers have the same pools

Tools for copying sessions between cell managers

These are mostly obsolete as of DP 9.04 because you would typically create a copy job from one cell manager's storeonce to the another cell manager's storeonce. These are still relevant if you want to keep physical tapes in two locations.
  • - process incoming MCF files
  • - A script to export MCF files after a backup

Software for keeping track of tapes

  • - a command-line program which updates the Data Protector database of tape locations by letting you zap the tapes with a barcode reader device
  • - a CGI version of

Miscellaneous programs that don't fit elsewhere

  • - This program files media in a tape library into one of two media pools, based on their slot number.
  • - This program sends an SMS through the ValueSMS gateway to report on mount requests. It can be used as a mount script for a device.
  • - Exercises every device (tape, storeonce, etc) by running a tiny backup to it

Greg Baker is an independent consultant who happens to do a lot of work on HP DataProtector. He is the author of the only published books on HP Data Protector ( He works with HP and HP partner companies to solve the hardest big-data problems (especially around backup). See more at IFOST's DataProtector pages at, or visit the online store for Data Protector products, licenses and renewals at 

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