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Monday 4 March 2024

Why isn't there a degree called a Bachelor of Contact Centre Adminstration?

 It would cover IP networking, VoIP and telephony. It would teach students about AI and its applications in all aspects of compliance, optimisation, training, CSAT improvement, translation; and enough maths to understand queue behaviour under pressure. Contact centres often have high turnover / transient staff, unique training needs and large numbers of staff, so there should be a strong HR component. Perhaps there should be units on contract negotiation, sales techniques and other parts from a business degree.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I was creating an assignment for my students where they have to write a telephony speech recognition and intent detection system for a contact centre. I realised I would need to explain a few background concepts (e.g. like call routing and queueing)... and it quickly snowballed into "there's actually quite a lot of stuff to know in order to understand a modern contact centre".
Everyone I know had to learn everything about contact centre management on-the-job. Every call centre I know of has people in it studying part-time to get a degree in something other than their current occupation.

Why is a Bachelor of Call Centre Administration not a thing?