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Tuesday 16 December 2014

A new Data Protector book

I've recently published another book based on my experiences with customers migrating off physical hardware and off older versions of Data Protector.

This is not a long book, which is why I've priced it at a fraction of anything I've written before, but I hope you find it valuable.

This book is for consultants and system administrators who need to migrate, clone or obsolete an instance of HP Data Protector.
• How to duplicate an existing cell manager on to a new system (one with new hardware, virtualised hardware, or a new operating system).
• How to merge two cells into one, leaving you with one less cell manager than before. In Data Protector version 7 and earlier there were a lot of limitations on the size of a Data Protector cell and how much a cell manager could do. This meant that many customers had several cells -- in version 8 and onwards this is not really necessary. This book walks step-by-step through how you would consolidate cell managers.

Read this book before you start planning your next Data Protector upgrade!

Links to buy from Amazon (in Kindle format) are here, but I've re-done the way I build these books and I can now produce them in other formats as well. Contact me if you need me to do this for you.

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