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Thursday 19 February 2015

Operating, running and supporting HP Data Protector 9

A new (Chinese) year, and I've written two new books on Data Protector.

The first is a book for operators.

  • If you are a sysadmin, and a new staff member who has just joined your organisation and needs to keep an eye on the backups. Buy this book for them, it has everything they need to get started.
  • If you are a consultant and you have just finished an implementation, you will need to provide some hand-over documentation. Buy this book for them, and you might only need to write a page or two of site-specific documentation. Everything else they will need is in this operators book.
There's an ebook version if you need something very cheap in a hurry; and there is also a beautifully presented full-colour on-paper version, which is more expensive, but makes a big impact. 

Topics include:
  • What a cell manager is; what an installation server is
  • How to install a Data Protector console
  • Using Manager.exe and what different connection error messages mean
  • Monitoring backup sessions
  • Reviewing backup history
  • Responding to day-to-day issues (mount requests, errors, tape busy)
  • Formatting tapes
  • Logging a support call with HP and collecting debug logs
  • Restoring filesystems
  • Restoring sessions
  • Restoring individual files
  • Restoring virtual machines
  • Restoring individual files from virtual machines using the VMware granular recovery extension

The paperback version also includes:
  • A page where you can record the name of the cell manager, where the cell console is, and any installation servers.
  • An extensive index
The e-book is available for pre-order today (with delivery next week), the dead tree version should be available by Monday. As with everything else I have written, you can find it a

Greg Baker is one of the world's leading experts on HP Data Protector. His consulting services are at He has written numerous books (see on it, and on other topics. His other interests are startup management, applications of automated image and text analysis and niche software development.

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