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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Survey on omniabort extensions in Data Protector

Sometimes, a Data Protector session will hang. The backup session manager (bsm) process doesn't exit even though all the disk agents and media agents have long since finished. I wrote a blog post about it (, including how to fix it, but Tara F asked if there's a way of killing the BSM process and leaving the status of the session as "Completed".

As far as I know, there isn't.

I wrote:
Maybe we should lobby for this as a feature request -- if a bsm receives (say) SIGUSR1 then it should quit and report a successful session. Or perhaps there should be a -kill option to omniabort which can say whether it was a good ending. 
omniabort -kill -ok
500 people have read the "How to kill a hanging session", almost all of whom came in via Google searches to that page. This suggests it's a reasonably common problem. So I wondered if we could try something a little different: what if we lobbied HPE for this feature?

Normally, the right thing to do is to log a feature request under your support call. Do this for any really important stuff. But this is a small request that will make a small amount of difference to a large number of customers, so I'm interested to see if this works.

Here's the survey, with three questions: 
  • Do you want omniabort -kill?
  • Do you want omniabort -kill -ok?
  • Can HPE get a copy of the session report automatically when you use these?

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