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Thursday 21 April 2016

HP Service Manager tools @JIRAServiceDesk @github

For customers running HP Service Manager, I have two freebies:


Tools for interacting with HP Service Manager
  • activitywsdl.unl -- enable WSDL access to the Activity table
  • -- when NNM detects a node goes down, either update the existing Service Manager incident or create a new one.
  • -- When NNM generates an event (either up or down), dispatch appropriately to Service Manager
  • -- a much easier way of having HP SM receive emails that doesn't involve Connect-IT. Edit email2ticket.conf and you're ready to go
  • -- similar to email2ticket but designed to work with FastPass, and report the ticket as closed automatically
  • -- a much easer way for HP SM to send emails that doesn't involve Connect-IT. Edit sm2email.conf and that's about it.
  • -- if HP SM tries to send a "pager" notification, send an SMS. Doesn't involve Connect-IT.
  • -- library and program -- Swiss army knife of interacting with Service Manager on the commandline
  • -- instead of polling an IMAP or POP server, why not deliver your customer interaction emails via procmail through to which will turn them into interactions instantly (i.e. no polling delay). Amaze your customers.
  • -- command-line script for sending emails

Greg Baker ( a consultant, author, developer and start-up advisor. His recent projects include aplug-in for Jira Service Desk which lets helpdesk staff tell their users how long a task will take and a wet-weather information system for school sports.

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