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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Automate the installation of a Windows DataProtector client

A client today wanted to push the DataProtector agent from SCCM / System Center 2012 instead of from Data Protector. It's not that difficult, but I couldn't find the command-line setup documented anywhere.

You will need to run (as an administrator):

  net use r: \\\Omniback
  cd \x8664
  msiexec /i "Data Protector A.09.00.msi" /passive INSTALLATIONTYPE=Client ADDLOCAL=core,da,autodr
  net use /delete r:

Obviously, substitute with your install server, and if R: is already allocated, use something else instead.

Then, trigger the following command on your cell manager:

 omnicc -import_host clientname

Replace clientname with the name of the client.

Script this as appropriate (e.g. after the operating system has booted) in order to have an unattended installation.

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