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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Artificial Intelligence (#AI) development in Sydney around #Atlassian and #JIRA

Well, it's boastful to say it, but we just received a nice little certificate from Craig Laundy (assistant federal minister for innovation) and Victor Dominello (NSW state minister for innovation). It says "Best Industry Application of AI/Cognitive" for the Automated Estimator of Effort and Duration.

Actually, we were just highly commended, and it was stratejos that won, but what is interesting about all this is: the whole AI/Cognitive category just went to artificial intelligence JIRA plug-ins.

Firstly, Atlassian has won the enterprise. When 100% of the top-tier startups targeting large organisations are developing for your platform exclusively, it's only a matter of time.

Secondly, AI is hot technology in Sydney with political capital. We think of Silicon Valley as being the centre of the universe for this, but I've never seen US Federal and Californian state senators getting together to express their commitment as we saw in this award.

Thirdly, this means you really should try out AEED:

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