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Saturday 9 December 2023

Useful vocabulary for winning awards

  • Humblebrag is when you say that you just won an award, and you deprecatingly say that the judges might have made a mistake.
  • Stumblebrag is when the first time you learn about the award is when someone asks you why you haven't picked it up.
  • Grumblebrag is when you complain about walking around in a Sydney heatwave to pick up an award that nobody told you about.
  • Mumblebrag is when you realise that the award was for a group you were in, not to you personally.
  • Fumblebrag is when you realise you didn't really do anything for that group and you were kind of the spare wheel.
  • Jumblebrag is the feeling of winning a dean's award for excellence in inter-departmental collaboration for stuff you didn't do.
  • Rumblebrag is when you send out congratulations to the rest of the data science teaching team at Macquarie University for their fine work that you get to take credit for.

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