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Friday 27 November 2015

Devops poetry

I gave a talk last night at the Sydney Atlassian Devops Meetup, and was inspired to write something for it. If you like this, you'll enjoy When Medusa Went on Chatroulette -- go and pre-order it today!

Everyone I know in Devops

Perl is no worry, and I grok Ruby gems;
I've wrestled a Python or two;
I've built an app (along with a friend)
And run a VM with Haiku.

I've written Java and downloaded Go;
And Haskell, I love -- it's a joy.
Ansible, Salt and Chef, those I know:
I'll debug a Cloudfront deploy.

I've found a bug in an enterprise app,
By strace'ing through its coremem dump.
I've patched up live a signal break trap
To fix up a subroutine jump.

Storage and routers and syscalls are fine,
Also VOIP service call groups.
Mapping, reducing, data refined:
I set up the office Hadoop.

I am SRE -- I will fix anything:
Deploying it twice in an hour,
Split loads across sites based upon ping,
Google is awed at my powers!

So why am I stumped and lost more or less
With a bug that I cannot mend?
Please help if you can, because I confess
Yes, docker is crashing again.

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