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Sunday 8 November 2015

How to launch without venture capital

  • 99.8% of all startups never raise any external capital
  • Whether you raise capital or not makes absolutely no difference as to whether the startup is successful or not.
(Both facts from the QUT CAUSEE study).

It was pointed out to me recently that after 16 years of running businesses and having launched quite a few start-up technology products in that time -- without ever raising capital -- that I should try to package up my approach for other people to use.

So if you want a 2 hour Skype or Google Hangouts session with me (for AUD300+GST), just get in contact ( or greg_baker on Skype) and we can arrange a time. What I promise to give you is at least two or three good ideas that might get you going without having to spend stupendous sums of money.

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