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Sunday 6 December 2015

Data Protector reporting - the free hosted trial - sessions by session status

What proportion of your backups are completing successfully?
Report-of-the-day from Backup Navigator: what percentage of your backups are completing successfully?

HPE are running a free offer at the moment that you really, really want to take up. If you are running Data Protector, and you would like to get some insight into your backup environment, then Backup Navigator is the product that you want to buy.

Navigator generates reports -- beautiful reports -- that tell you everything from the basic and simple, through to the utterly awesome.

Backup Navigator is designed to run either in your own data centre (where it will use the Data Protector protocols to talk to your cell manager) or it can be hosted elsewhere (and you install a small agent that talks to the Navigator server via HTTPS).

To show customers how amazing it is, HPE are offering a three month trial. HPE already have the Navigator server in place. You just need to install the Navigator agent on a Windows or Linux box in your cell somewhere.  (It doesn't even have to be the cell manager, so you probably don't even need to raise a change control for it.)

No credit card or purchase order or commitment. HPE appear to be pretty confident that you'll like what you get! Sign up for it here:

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