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Thursday 10 December 2015

Celebratory 100th blog post - what people have actually been reading, and what freebies and junkets are on offer

This is the 100th blog post, and the counter of page views is about to tick over 50,000. Thank you for your readership!

According to Google's infallible stats counters, here's what most people have been reading on this blog:

POEMS At the end of a day of being a computer nerd, you need something that will make you laugh (or at least smile) and also make you look cultured among your friends. Nobody else writes poetry about nuclear physics or time travel, so if you want to get that "I'm so hip" feel, you really should buy a copy of When Medusa went on Chatroulette for $3 (more or less, depending on your country of origin).

NAVIGATOR - If you run Data Protector then you will definitely get some value out of the cloud-hosted Navigator trial. You can get reports like "what virtual machines are not getting backed up?" and "how big will my backups be next year?" -- stuff that makes you look like the storage genius guru (which you probably are anyway, but this just makes it easier to prove it).

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE - If you are tracking your work in Atlassian's fabulous JIRA task tracking system, then try out my free plug-in ( which can predict how long tasks will take to complete. And if you are not using JIRA, then convince everyone to throw out whatever you are using and switch to JIRA because it's an order of magnitude cheaper, and also easier to support.

TRAINING COURSES - You can now buy training online from -- and it appears that it's 10-20% cheaper than buying from HPE directly in most countries. There are options for instructor-led, self-paced, over-the-internet and e-learning modules.

SUPPORT CONTRACTS -  Just email your support contract before its renewal to and I'll look at it and figure out a way to make it cheaper for you.

BOOKS - If you are just learning Data Protector, then buy one of my books on Data Protector (available in Kindle, PDF and hardback). They are all under $10; you can hide them in an expense report and no-one will ever know.

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