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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Send me your HP Data Protector support contract renewal

I've made some arrangements with HPE about support contracts for Data Protector . In short, if you are about to renew your support contract -- or you think it is due soon -- send me an email ( and I'll look at it.

In the past, I've often worked with customers to explain what it is that the support contract covers, identify whether there are any unnecessary line items (quite often there is) and suggest what to renew and what not to renew.

What's changed is that I can now negotiate slightly better prices on your behalf as well. So even if your contract is perfect, I should still be able to save you some money.

Greg Baker is an independent consultant who happens to do a lot of work on HP DataProtector. He is the author of the only published books on HP Data Protector ( He works with HP and HP partner companies to solve the hardest big-data problems (especially around backup). See more at IFOST's DataProtector pages at, or visit the online store for Data Protector products, licenses and renewals at 

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